As you have already known that I have already moved to a self-hosted blog. It took a while but here is the changelog.


What’s new in this version?

  1. will be moved to
  2. Encouraging Life contents will be moved to
  3. Totally new design
  4. More features
  5. More tips to come about self-hosting stuffs (I have learnt a lot)


You can still :

  1. Give likes with your current WordPress blog account (I have placed WordPress like button)
  2. Follow my blog with RSS Feed on your WP Reader, Follow this post HERE for the tip if you haven’t.


I am still using my blog account for my WP Reader.

Thank you for supporting me all this time! Best wishes for your blog and your life.

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  1. Christopher Kokoski, Author & Speaker

    I am planning a move as well – giving time to prepare. I did it once before but was not ready. I know very little about code, etc so I was quickly overwhelmed with all the choices that the self hosted word press blog afforded me. This time I want to take more time to plan, prepare and get ready to blogs like yours. Thanks, and Best of luck on your new website.

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            1. Raymond

              You got the blank screen right after giving likes right? It happened to me a lot before with it seems the only way to do this is from browser. I am very sorry for your invonvenience…

              Liked by 1 person

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