Tomato Cream Sauce

Recipes From Molly

Some many tomatoes! The hot weather has brought a glut of tomatoes to the farmers markets and vegetable stands that I like to go to. I canโ€™t help myself and I always buy themโ€ฆToo many of them. I have been making so many different tomato recipes and I love it! This one is a standout from my college days of culinary experimentation.

Some people might get tired of cooking with one ingredient over and over again but it is actually one of my favorite ways to discover and create new recipes. When I feel like I am getting into a cooking rut and just making the same few things over and over again, I commit myself to making new dishes with the same ingredient for a week. Again, this might sound boring but it is actually a wonderful way to really begin to understand a food, to really learn itsโ€ฆ

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