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Hello Readers! My previous Encouraging Life Content has been moved to Axel The Key as my main blog for now. This blog is for reblog articles, giving likes and comments, and to keep contact with my WordPress.com blogger friends.


What you can find on Axel The Key blog?

1. My knowledge and tips about WordPress and Social Media

2. Cool photography and also drawings

3. My turtle videos at my YouTube channel! They are funny and I bet you won’t be disappointed

4. Travelling stuffs including mostly photos

5. Quotes about motivation but also possible with other nice quotes

6. Some of my personal thoughts about what’s going on

7. Entertainment stuffs about Music and Movies.

8. Posts related to Technology, Apps, possible games in the future, recent tips

9. Health / Sports related posts

10. Food posts are also possible 😉

11. LEGO and custom made design


There are many ways to follow me :

1. Twitter if you always want to be up to date with my blog posts. I am also tweeting about other stuffs and I am a tech freak as well 🙂

2. If you don’t have any WordPress account, you can put subscription to my blog via e-mail which is available at the widget side.

3. Facebook Fan Page. If you want to keep hearing the news from my blog everyday, you have to likes the page and turn on notification at the page settings. It’s not that you must be a fan of me blame Facebook for creating the name.

4. Google Plus. If you are thinking that G+ is a dead community maybe you should go and check if anybody is alive in there.

5. RSS Feed. The best choice if you just like to simple read recent updates but I do recommend interaction on my blog too. Keep RSS as your best notification to follow my blog news.

6. YouTube channel. What’s the best about YouTube channel? I don’t always post much videos and only if I have a spare time and if I am not lazy but your subscription means a lot. Please subscribe to my other YouTube Channels Cool Mobile Tips and GameLabs.

7. Bloglovin. What is so special about bloglovin? It’s truly dedicated for bloggers. Yes, it is similar to WordPress Reader but it is not limited to WordPress blogging only.

8. StumbleUpon. The greatest promotor for a blog starter with interesting articles to browse.



Follow me on AXEL THE KEY now.


Updated 14 June, 2015

There are 151 comments

  1. In My Cluttered Attic

    Raymond, I know I’ve probably told you this before, but I admire and love your blog. I can’t believe how busy your blog is, but I’m grateful for all you put up there for us to read, and watch as your blog offers so much to enjoy. :O)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raymond

      Thank you for your kind words Paul!
      I will keep providing my best for you and other readers. I also enjoy reading your blog too. You are an awesome guy anyway with good sense of humour 🙂


  2. Argus

    Great intro … turtles remind me of a joke I posted once that finishes with the drunk exclaiming to the effect “I don’t want no prizes! I just want another of them crunchy meat pies!” Brrrr …

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Donna

    Raymond, thanks for stopping by RMR and for your like on the Blasket post–so glad you found it interesting. You’ve got a fantastic blog here, I’m loving going through your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. beautypageantfanaticforever

    Cheers to you, Raymond for liking my posts on the beauty pageant blog that I have and I am glad that you are one of those blog viewers whom I have thanked for. Please extend my deepest congratulations to you for bringing up this blog to a whole new level.

    Please tell to your blog viewers of your blog to please visit our blog for the freshest and lastest pageant news in the Philippines and across the globe at http://obsessedbeautypageantfan2015.wordpress.com/

    Thanks again and continue to blog!

    Liked by 2 people

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