Blogger Award Encouraging Thunder #4 (This is my 4th one from Raymond)

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Blogger Award Encouraging Thunder #4

As you have known I have moved from my previous blog Encouraging Life blog and moving to the new Axel The Key, Encouraging Life is no longer active and the given award stopped at number 3. Opening a new chapter and there are a lot have been going on with new blog especially for getting things on the correct place. But, it’s getting there of course with the support from readers, bloggers, and friends.

I would like to thank supporters who have always been on my side no matter where I go. From WordPress bloggers and also Disqus commenters, they are really cool people. Therefore I will grant them an Encouraging Thunder award as a symbol of protection from nature.

I would like to thank Raymond (Axel the Key) for nominating me for the 4th time for his wonderful award. I follow Raymond daily and…

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