Trying To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Day #5


This is the last day of my self-hosted WordPress day setup, it’s not fully complete yet but I think it’s comfortable to visit. I have deleted my blog contents from my and moved them to my new blog. So it’s like moving unpacked box into a new place of living and managed to restore some of it but I still have a long way to go!

I will continue to fix every single part of it making it to be better and better. I have also improved my writing to be longer than the usual posts due to SEO warning to my previous articles posts. This has been done to several posts and will increase as time goes by. Fixing and fixing but I love it.


It’s a totally different layout and you can take a look at my new blog Axel The Key.


I haven’t been able to visit back your blogs and read your articles but I will once I got everything settled. Thank you for supporting me all this time!

*I am still running too but not as my main blog. The domain will be redirected.


If you want to join the fun with me and try you can get the service from Bluehost HERE.

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    1. Raymond

      Yeah the behavior is not similar between and You had better not to play with draft and published system as a single click to move between draft to unpublish will republish and send e-mails to subscribers. Sorry about that…
      and thanks for subscribing 🙂
      I will do that to yours by feed readers.

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    1. Raymond

      Nope need to be subscribed via e-mail or either by social media, feeds, disqus probably. I think this is where WordPress users are getting disconnected from the outside world and WordPress should begin to add something.

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      1. abyssbrain

        Some self-hosting blogs that I see can still make their new posts appear on the WP reader.

        Anyway, you are right. That’s why I’m using social networking sites like Twitter and StumbleUpon to promote my posts. Relying on your WP followers alone is not enough.

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        1. Raymond

          Really? Probably they are using account to post and put their profile picture linked to their self-hosted blog?
          That’s great of you. True we need to have any effective social media as possible.
          What’s your stumbleupon? I will follow you there too.

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            1. Raymond

              Thank you, it’s very nice to know about what WP reader can do. Now it completely solves the puzzle. WP reader functions as WP reader for internal blog community with likes, reblog, and comments if the blog allows it and also for outside of wordpress blog by subscribing via e-mail or using rss feed.
              I will write the details about it of my own version if possible after fixing small setups I need to do with my new blog.
              I wasn’t able to follow you on StumbleUpon. Looks like my internet won’t behave well today. I will once I figure out how to fix the problem.

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