Trying To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Day #4

It has been a few days since I started my new blog setup and the good news is that it is almost done. Just need a few plugins there and there. Importing articles has been successful too. It looks like that I need to republish most articles from the beginning again for SEO purpose. With posting a lot less articles for my blog, I can still see the support for Encouraging Life. But soon probably tomorrow Encouraging Life blog is not going to be there anymore and will be replaced with my new blog (soon to be announced).

I am going to divide my blog into : which is my default address for my WordPress blog and the new self-hosted blog. I know I will miss my WordPress friends. I am still here writing, reblog, giving likes and comments too with my WordPress friends or you can also follow me on my social media or new blog’s e-mail subscription. It has been such an enjoyable moment with you guys for almost 4 months blogging with Encouraging Life.

More tips about how to do self-hosted blog will be announced at my new blog too. I am currently busy preparing the finishing part. Adding widgets for my old affiliate program! I love how I can attain my freedom.


If you want to join the fun with me and try you can get the service from Bluehost HERE.

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  1. Lovely

    I know about it.. I know too ’bout your difficulties..coz I am always updated..^^ Reading this blog made me feel like you are going to very far away place…I know you’re going to have an awesome time with self-hosted blog.. ^^ And, have this freedom of creativity there as well.. very personalize stuffs can be applied there.. You’re really brave in exploring new things…great! ^^v

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    1. Raymond

      Yeah I am going to compile my posts too and photography is going to be different with stories. If you see later the post is going to be a lot different than what I did here.
      Yes, I do miss this blog seems like I have been here for years.

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      1. Lovely

        Wow, I suddenly feel excited about it..! yey..Travel Diary! ❤ I actually love Travel Bloggers..
        Yeah, the community will surely miss you in the WP reader dashboard.. but of course, you already remind them to connect with social media.. 😀
        new adventure for your new website.. ^o^!!!!

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