Trying To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Day #2

Yesterday I have so much to settle with new blog that I will be moving to and need to be disconnected from this blog for a day. It took me hours to setup the theme which I found it a lot more time consuming and harder compared with Free themes from isn’t that awesome and most are trials in my opinion. After enjoying the theme for a while with cool setups, the feature options suddenly disappeared from the customisation dashboard. This makes things a lot harder for choosing the correct theme.

The plugins setup too, I still need to learn more about it. Getting your hands on is like becoming half programmer and half website builder. Literally you still have a long way to go Raymond….

But on the bright side, I have seen several potential for me ahead. I know if I work hard like before or harder, the bigger result is waiting for me out there. According to my theory calculation, the new blog could bring me 30% more freedom, 20% more headache, 50% other benefits. So I would take 80% considering it’s only 20% that I need to pay for getting my own setup. I love that I should not worry of putting anything I like there and Google AdSense too, the enemy of WordAds. I just knew that SEO recommend you to have minimum of 300 words as one of the requirement to increase your rank on Google Search? I need to find out about this.


I hope you to enjoy a good day / evening!


If you want to join the fun with me and try you can get the service from Bluehost HERE.

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