Trying To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Day #1

Trying To Set Up Self-Hosted WordPress Day #1

I love getting my hands on version that provides me with so many features far more superior compared with site. But building for the first time is not easy I think. I have been familiar with feature for several months butI am still getting lost in this whole new different blogging setup. About 20% lost, 40% headache, and 40% joy of knowing what it can do. According to my theory the new setup should be able to boost up my followers later on and also considered more fun blog than my previous ones.

Trying To Set Up Self-Hosted WordPress Day #1

I installed plugins, installed almost anything promoted there on the display. I have no idea if they will be doing any good but the descriptions seems promising. Don’t worry we can delete them or deactivate for later use purpose. I found that there is a plugin that can block all comments, seems dangerous but cool. Probably I can use it as a fix it all solution later on 😀
Trying To Set Up Self-Hosted WordPress Day #1The hell with these ads and notifications, they appear almost everywhere on the dashboard 😮


I am building the blog site as I write, considering this writing as my break too. The features numbers have actually multiply?!?  Do I also need to multiply my brain?

I hope it could be finished in no time.

If you want to join the fun with me and try you can get the service from Bluehost HERE.

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