My Wednesday Morning

According to weather, it’s not a nice morning with a light shower and sunny weather combination, resulting in a very hot and humid weather not as cool as I have expected it to be but it’s not going to be the biggest thing that will start my day for today. I still love the award I have passed on to other bloggers yesterday and I think you guys really deserve it! I am thinking of creating another award type and hopefully if I will be able to design it. Still thinking about the new concept aside from this Encouraging Thunder award and I love that it’s becoming popular too 🙂

Enjoy it and you can also grant other bloggers the award!

I am making a list of the activities I am currently doing or will be doing soon :

  • Making another blog award
  • Playing with StumbleUpon
  • Going to add name of the places that I can remember to my photography (You can help me with this process by leaving comments!)
  • More Instagram photos
  • Going to feature some talented work of others on my blog too (Still thinking about the concept)
  • Giving more tips and app reviews


So many things to do and I hope that I can accomplish them!

Get involved in social media, you know it’s not for the sake of entertainment but you can help to share others work. You might even find something useful for your life too. I am currently being active at Twitter, Instagram, StumbleUpon and hit me up if you are active! You can ask me any questions about social media stuffs and I would be willing to help you as much as I can.


In case if you missed what’s the award from yesterday click HERE.

Have a good day or evening readers and friends!

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