encouraginglife.co v3.4

I haven’t made any much changes in this version and only fix several things on my blog.

What’s new in this version :

  1. Top menu background color has been changed back into default orange
  2. Restoring back old widgets
  3. Added LEGO session
  4. Change font type for easier reading


I wish to add some more improvement for my blog later. Enjoy reading!

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      1. Sean Mungin

        Trust me, my friend…I’m always looking for ways to improve. I’ve been a little relaxed in my efforts over the past week or two. I have to refocus because I have to learn new ways of directing traffic to my page.

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        1. Raymond

          I begin to doubt over Facebook Page capability in driving traffic because I have tried and there are not much difference between 1000 likes and 2000 likes. I also read somewhere about Facebook is going to reduce the chance of FB Pages feeds to be shown on timeline. Not sure with other bloggers performance with FB Pages.
          I always try to find a new way and also relate with google trend as well. To get trending in US search you need to discuss about fighting stuffs and artists. Two of those topics are not the stuffs to be discussed here lol
          Maybe you can figure something out of google trends. I saw an increase in traffic since yesterday from my lego article which is just about photo not sure later when I make the unboxing videos and photos.
          You may add short daily quotation too. Adding highlight of the week if you are running out of time, pictures, etc. Depends on your audience of course.

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          1. Sean Mungin

            FB has been the main source of my current daily traffic. Yahoo/Bing and Google have been helpful as well. With FB, you have to do extensive advertising in order for it to benefit you. As far as Google trends is concerned, I’ll have to look into it. I’m certain that I can pull at least one good idea out of it.

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            1. Raymond

              I put FB advertising only on weekend as I have seen more traffic on weekend rather than on normal days maybe that’s why I only have a slight benefit effect from FB Pages. If FB Pages is good for you then you should.
              Cool good luck for you buddy I hope you can find what you are looking for!

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