encouraginglife.co v3.1

WordAds is only compatible with certain themes from WordPress. I have changed the theme again to be compatible with WordAds as well as getting new layout for my blog. Here’s the changelog :

  1. New theme new layout
  2. Support WordAds
  3. Added new menu
  4. Featured section
  5. Spotlight section


Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the maintenance and change in the layout.

Thank you and happy reading!

There are 4 comments

  1. Lovely

    Congrats…! You didn’t tell me about it..hmm…But I think you told me you have plans about WordAds.. Sigh,,,>.< I want too,,,But It needs more effort for me to have billings on my wordpress…(T_T) buy a domain..Do I need credit card to buy a domain?

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    1. Raymond

      Thank you! Yes you do need a credit card, I used to pay with Paypal. I actually love Paypal more that cc. If you like what you’re doing invest on it but first I am trying to see if it worths to invest in WordAds because I have seen negative reviews over it on other forums. Especially it generates low income.
      Yep, I bought the domain name from GoDaddy. It’s very easy to do a setup as there are written instructions too on WordPress but let’s see if I can make an article about how to buy a domain and map it with WordPress.

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      1. Lovely

        Okay. That’s good…you’re going to make an article about HOW TO buy a domain…I’ll study about it…then see if when I can do it on my website…you are always giving a good help about anything… ~(^o^)~

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