Blog Maintenance : 09 April 2015

Dear Readers,


I am changing theme and modifying my blog’s layout, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can still access my content but it will take a while to set the blog layout back to normal. I will let you know via changelog once the process has been done.


Thank you for your attention!




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    1. Raymond

      Thank you! The theme is awesome packed with 12 widget sections 😮 Holy awesome.
      I can do whatever I want and also 4 footers section and some more features basically it’s the most flexible theme on the market I have ever seen.

      I browse the theme one by one and luckily I have this one. Took me a while to decide but bah I don’t care and let’s just begin 🙂

      The downside of changing this theme from my previous Wilson theme is you need to provides featured theme to every of your posts unless if you don’t mind leaving your picture blank with only gray color, besides I need delete and change most of my article formats to fit the theme. But considering the future reasons I am having with this theme. I bet it will be worth it.

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      1. ~Michelle Cook

        I’m watching your turtle video with my 6yr old daughter. She is scared because we had a storm earlier and she is afraid that a tornado might come into our house. So thank you for posting something that I could distract her with. 🙂 I am surprised that a theme can have so many features. Good choice! My theme is very limiting and makes it tough to do anything. The worst part is the font size which is very tiny unless I change it to a header size. Was your new theme free or did you have to pay for it. I am happy with my free theme for now. Just wish I could do more.

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        1. Raymond

          Say NO to Storm ever 😮 I hope she will be alright and no problem!
          You might be able to change your theme font size depends on your theme too if you purchase a premium plan for $99 a year. I paid $59 for this theme but I think $59 is a lot cheaper than hiring someone to modify your blog. The theme will also enable better ads placement in the future if I am accepted by WordPress program one day 🙂
          You can find out more about my theme here

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          1. ~Michelle Cook

            Thanks Raymond! Good to know what my options are. I probably won’t be posting for a few days. I am working on some character pages so that I can keep track of who’s who. It’s really time consuming! Also been really busy with family this week. I will check out some of your posts as time allows. Have a great day or night. Not sure what time it is there! 🙂

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