aboutray.rocks v1.1

Since the community is growing bigger and bigger on my blog, I would like to give supports to my readers who have spent their precious time visiting my blog giving likes and comments.

1. Encouraging Life has been added widget showing a sampling of users who have left comments and likers on this blog. I can’t guarantee that if you have left comments or likes, your photo will appear in there but I will try my best to always give the best for all my readers.

2. Added Archives widget.

3. Added more Follow me on social media icons under categories (PC view) and at the end of home articles (Mobile view).

4. Added featured blogs and 2 of recent blog posts with featured image if you set any featured images to your posts. I will limit up to 10 featured blogs for now. Since this is still new anything can change without any prior notice.

Check out the new update HERE!


There are 11 comments

  1. nufafitc

    A bit late to comment, as I just read this now, but every feature/update of your page is always an inspiration for me to improve my blog as well or look at design differently. I’ve learned quite a few things about blogging thanks to you. So… thank you :)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raymond

      You are welcome 🙂
      It’s better late than never knowing at all. There are still lots of time to improve anyway. We can always learn from each other!
      I also have a game and movie inspiration from your blog. That’s actually another reason I gave you the award besides your involvement on my blog 😉


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