aboutray.rocks v1.0

This is a changelog about what’s happening with the blog. What has been modified or changed? Of course this is not a serious changelog like in your app updates via Google Play or Appstore.

1. The blog can still be accessed via aboutray.wordpress.com but there is a new domain name and you will be redirected to aboutray.rocks. So don’t be surprised I am not going anywhere.

2. I have modified the blog fonts and colors.

3. About page has been modified.


I am thinking a way of changing theme probably in the next version maybe. This requires a lot of work and takes time so probably not lol.


Happy Reading,



There are 4 comments

    1. Raymond

      Setting up from PC is the best. You can manipulate and adjust any settings the best from there. My phone is just good for commenting and liking posts. I rarely do posts from my phone and dislike posting from there.

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