I am thinking of doing a quiz about my Turtles and getting your blog to be featured as a reward. Does that sound good?

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        1. Raymond

          Hahaha you makes my stomach feels so much better 😀
          I think my stomach will get better tomorrow. I have several treatment by drinking medicine and also ginger. Makasih, saya senang sekali hari ini.

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            1. Raymond

              Aiyoh…kesian…your stomach still misbehaving?! You should see a gastroenterlogist…maybe you ate something bad!! Take care abang….i no time, you will be bagus again!

              Aduh kasihan….perutnya masih sakit ya? Pergi aja ke dokter…Paling-paling salah makan….Jaga kesehatan pak, biar bisa cepat sembuh.

              That’s the translation in Indonesia but you have done a very good job. It will be much more fun for me if you mix those with english. I like yours better 😀

              I had a good day because you made me laugh, it’s like a joke lol

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