Music Section

WordPress Aside format feature can’t stop me from keep posting. Believe me it’s fantastic! Now I am going to add music video section for YouTube posts or maybe some other fantastic music creation.

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  1. amo

    Oh dear, I’m so struggling with the format of my new blog! I like how yours looks like. Where do i find that Aside format? 🙂 Hope you don’t mind my asking…

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    1. Raymond

      Thank you 🙂

      If you are using your phone, you can open post settings at the bottom when you write a post and choose post format.

      If you are typing from your PC you should be able to find the aside format at the format settings at the right box besides the typing column.

      If you can’t find it but you can find other formats such as standard, video, gallery, etc. that means your theme doesn’t support aside format.

      Hopefully it helps!

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