Improving My Blog

I have added more categories, arranged everything in place, adding proper widgets, instagram account, easy sharing buttons, anything that can complete my blog.
Any thought about what should be added next? or if you want me to find out something about WordPress?


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    1. Raymond

      It sometimes could be from the theme effect. Changing themes could give you a solution but not always. It could also be the pictures have been deleted from your media. Could be many possibilities.

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      1. Tessa

        I will have to spend some time going through each post and trying to revise it to look decent. A lot of the pictures were from the photo prompts I did. I will probably eventually figure it out. I did delete some from my media before I figured out how it worked. Thanks!

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    2. angelaseager

      Really enjoyed browsing through your blog. I love the idea of youtube videos about WordPress tips & tricks in order to help me improve my blog, the instructions are too wordy, I prefer to ‘see’ how things are done. Definitely a niche for it, great idea!

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